S kills
Our men mobilize their marketing, commercial, technological, logistical and administrative skills to meet your needs and expectations.
T echnology
The flexography, a printing process which had perfectly met the market development. So today, the image transmited in flexo went from an undefined line or flat tint to a high definition image with the mastery of the four-color process.
I mprim'Vert
We have been distinguished for the provided efforts to control the impact of our activity on the environment. The 3 standards which has been set up : the proper disposal of dangerous waste, the secure storage of dangerous liquid, and the abandonment of the products labeled “toxic”.
P rint Environment
Joining to this charter, we show our commitment for the sustainable development. The commitment taken are : optimizing the paper consumption, promotting the use of products less dangerous, ensuring the elimination of waste by approved collectors, improving the energy, water and air consumption.
A ttuned to your needs
We use our skills in the service of your firm to help you to identify or clarify your needs concerning technological development.
C reactivity
CreaCtivity Prize in 1996 = Creativity+Reactivity : the development of the ability to imagine original and better solutions, the immediate reaction to the evolution of the demand.