fiche technique en pdf HAND TOWEL (Nonwoven 40 gr)
  The nonwoven 40 gr N shifted - fold hand towel is a single fold towel for an optimal hygiene. The prehension is done by gravity when the packet is arranged in the dispenser.
The nonwoven 40 gr hand towel folded in 3 inside + 2 can be placed in a basket.
Certified food contact and biodegradable (more than 90% of cellulosic nature), no dangerous substance for the environment, classified N in the Appendix 1 of Directive 67/548/EC and its amendments or allergens as listed in the Appendix III bis, article 6, paragraph 3 bis, 10 and 11 of Directive 2003/39/EC update 2005/26/EC, is introduced in this nonwoven composition.
A good hand towel must accumulate 5 qualities : suppleness to adapt to hand shapes, good resistance in dry and wet conditions, not fluffy to avoid fibers deposit, high absorption capacity and, short wetting time. That’s why it’s better to use the single-use nonwoven hand towel.
The hand has microorganism, its pores and its folds are places where they can squeeze in ; that’s why it represents a source but also an important active vector of the contamination. Hands washing is above all else a preventive gesture to avoid contamination, but the drying is also an important step.

Folding Reference Description
N shifted - folding
(printed with Stipac brand)
0351/EM02 273 x 241 flat / 110 x 241 folded
3 inside + 2 folding
(printed with Stipac brand)
0352/EM04 273 x 300 flat / 95 x 150 folded